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Rockin' The Spectrum is a non-profit organization located in Johnstown, Colorado and serves the entire country. We have a special place in our hearts for children on the autism spectrum. Our mission is to raise autism awareness and support throughout the nation. We've made it our goal to help these kids rock wherever they are on the autism spectrum and to be a rock for parents who have the honor of raising them.

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Find out how your donation can impact the future of autistic children

Find out how your donation can impact the future of autistic children

Many parents don't have the knowledge or resources to help their autistic child flourish. Raising a child on the autistic spectrum comes with different challenges than raising a child not on the spectrum. Learning how to advocate for your child can be challenging, but Rockin' The Spectrum is here to help. Our non-profit organization helps provide:

  • Testing to diagnose autism at an early age
  • Therapy services to help with treatment
  • Support groups to bring parents and children together
We know how much you love your child and want to help them. That's why we hold many different events to raise autism awareness and support. We also work closely with school systems to help your child get the education they need to succeed in life.

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