What We Do

-We provide social skills and practical life skills groups for adolescents and young adults on the spectrum to help facilitate the transition towards independent living in the adult world.

-We provide support and training for adolescents and young adults on the Autism Spectrum working to secure employment by helping to connect prospective employers with capable people on the Autism Spectrum who may struggle with the interview and on boarding process in a traditional work environment.

-We also support parents in the diagnosis and services finding process that follows a new diagnosis of autism.

Building Awareness and Acceptance

Last but not least we are going to be raising awareness and acceptance in the community about the autism spectrum. We believe that it's about breaking the stigma and genuinely normalizing how most people view Autism. When we were designing our logo to help us accomplish this goal we wanted to include the puzzle piece that you typically see when you think about Autism Awareness but also wanted to get the point across that these kids/young adults are fun-loving, vibrant, and really rock! 1 in 59 kids are born on the Autism Spectrum. We prefer to say..... 1 in 59 are Rockin' the Spectrum. When you say the word Autism it typically brings a stereotype to mind. However, through years of medical research we have come to understand that there is a spectrum of Autism. While some children require significant support services, others are very high functioning. All are united by the fact that they suffer from impairment in social interaction. The way they interact with the world is not wrong, odd or weird, it's just different. People with autism (including very famous people we all know and love) have some of the most brilliant and creative minds. We can help the future amazing artists, brilliant educators, and ingenious inventors, find their internal fortitude by educating the world around them.