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Donate to our autism foundation in Johnstown, CO

We will provide financial grants to parents to help offset the cost of initial screening and diagnosis for autism for high deductible plans where the parents can't afford to meet their deductible. Research shows that the cost of lifelong care can be reduced by 2/3 with early diagnosis and intervention with the goal being before age three. If early interventions are not done, it is estimated that the cost of education for a child on the autism spectrum is an additional $8600 per year over the average $12,000 a year for a neurotypical child. Because of this it is truly important that young children on the spectrum are diagnosed as early as possible.

What you're actually supporting

What you're actually supporting

When you donate to Rockin' The Spectrum, you're supporting our non-profit organization and:

  • Helping kids get access to pediatricians, psychologists and therapy services
  • Giving parents peace of mind that they can give their children the testing they need
  • Making sure autistic kids get tested early enough so they can get the support they need ASAP
No two kids on the autism spectrum are alike. They also have specific needs that need to be met in a certain order. Your donation helps us provide them with first-rate autism support.