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Donate to our autism foundation in Johnstown, CO

Unfortunately, autistic children don't always get tested early enough (if they get tested at all). For one thing, there aren't many qualified psychologists available to test them accurately. Plus, even with insurance, parents may still have to pay anywhere from $500-$1,500 to get their child tested. Rockin' The Spectrum is here to change that.

Every penny you donate helps us provide sufficient autism support to families in Johnstown, Colorado and the rest of the country. Help us get autistic kids the testing they need so they can become successful contributors of society. Call 970-444-2313 now to see how you can donate to our non-profit organization in Johnstown, Colorado.

What you're actually supporting

What you're actually supporting

When you donate to Rockin' The Spectrum, you're supporting our non-profit organization and:

  • Helping kids get access to pediatricians, psychologists and therapy services
  • Giving parents peace of mind that they can give their children the testing they need
  • Making sure autistic kids get tested early enough so they can get the support they need ASAP
No two kids on the autism spectrum are alike. They also have specific needs that need to be met in a certain order. Your donation helps us provide them with first-rate autism support.